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Thick’Um Thursdays #11

Why yes, Ms. Rosee Divine, you are quite the thick’ums!!! I bet if you cast that booty in an action movie, it’d do it’s own stunts! Photo by Jose Guerra

Thick’Um Thursday #10

Yeah, it’s been a minute, but I haven’t forgotten about you folks. Sometimes you gotta wait for the right kind of thickness to pass your eye, know what I mean?! For what it’s worth, I think Ashleigh Hue fits the bill, don’t you think?! Photo by Marchal Raines

Thick’Um Thursday #9

I stumbled across this delightful gif image a little over a week ago, and my immediate response was: JESUS!!!! Understand, while I had heard of singer Elle Varner, I honestly found myself with no real interest in getting to know more about her. Even now, I still haven’t checked out any of her music. But […]

Thick’Um Thursday #8

Esther Baxter I may be Canadian, but looking at this picture, all I’m thinkin’ is: Yeah, I guess Fourth of July came early this year. 😉

Thick’Um Thursday #7

Why yes, Yaris Sanchez, you are quite thick! Once again, America, you’re welcome!

Thick’Um Thursday #6

I know, I know!! “Where were the thick broads the last two weeks, ken?!?!” I just got lazy. No way around it. But we back this week with some lovely thickness!!! Sabrina Hunter Them thighs, COTDAMMIT!!!

Thick’Um Thursday #5

Being a geek, I love me some good cosplay, but for every girl like this week’s entry, there are at least ten or so folks who ruin it for everyone! But back to this young lady, she is most certainly top of the pops, if I may say so! Belle Chere Not only does she […]

Thick’Um Thursday #4

Jordin Sparks Yeah, you been on your weight loss kick for a minute now, but you still that good-good thick’ums to me, lady!!! Break out da milk n’ cookies!!!!

Thick’Um Thursday #3

I’ve actually been following this one for quite some time, since my boy Khary Randolph featured her on his Tumblr a few times. Following her own Tumblr, you discover that not only is she not shy about her body, but she’s also very open about her life and her relationship, and its many ups and […]

Thick’Um Thursday #2

With another week, comes more thickness!! This week, we’ve got ourselves model, actress, and singer/songwriter (apparently she was a contestant on American Idol a few years back), Joanne Borgella. You’re welcome, America!