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Well That’s The Last Thing I Expected To Happen At A “Companionship Facility”

It’s hard to top the impact of last week’s premiere, but things are still moving along quite nicely for the new season of Sons of Anarchy. Not much Pope this week, but I’m more than happy to let him be a slow burn. There’s a lot going on, and a lot of it is good. […]

Sons Of Anarcy Season Five Ain’t Playin’ Around!!! **SPOILERS**

Disclaimer: I’ma be spoling the hell outta these episodes with these recap/reviews, so consider yourself warned! With the cancellation of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s evil twin drama, Ringer, I’ve gone back to the belief that there is nothing good on television except for FX’s Sons Of Anarchy. It is Shakespeare with bikers, and I’ve loved every […]

And Just Outside Peggy’s Window, Dogs Were Doing It In The Parking Lot

Sorry for not having a Mad Men recap last week, especially considering the major events that took place in the episode preceding the season finale;

She Works Hard For The Money

This week’s Mad Men damn near killed me. It’s the kind of episode that makes you wanna stand up and applaud the writers, and curse their names at the same time. Definitely one of the strongest episodes of the season, if not the whole damn series. It’s a turning point for two major characters, and […]

Don and Joan Play Hookie . . . Buy Sports Cars . . . Get Drinks . . . .

Is there nothing more frustratingly satisfying than the relationship between Don Draper and Joan Holloway? These are two people you’d think would have been gotten biblical by now, but no. They just have too much respect for one another to cross that line, and I hope it stays that way.

The Return of Fat Betty!!!!

I know, I’m one to talk, right? But I figure, we’re talking about a fictional character, so making light of said character’s “battle of the bulge” should be fine, right?! I have to say, seeing Betty again was great for all the wrong reasons! Let me count the ways:

PIZZA HOUSE!!!! **Click!**

No, Roger Sterling doesn’t get blown by anyone else’s mother-in-law this week, but we did see focus turn back to our guy Pete Campbell, who appears to be in a serious rush to have a mid-life crisis! It’s equal parts hilarious and sad, and as much as I used to think of him as a […]

The Miseducation Of Sally Draper

If it wasn’t clear already, it’s been made pretty clear now that Sally Draper must have had the worst childhood ever in the 60s, if Mad Men is any indication. She’s already had to suffer through the divorce of her parents, the ongoing psychological abuse from her ice queen of a mother (and to an […]

Dammit, Mad Men!!!! You Did It Again!!!!

Yeah, I know I’m mad late talking about the most recent Mad Men, but I figured if I waited I could go total renegade on spoilers and not hear a whole lotta bloodclot cryin’ about spoiling the episode for some folks. In any event, I loved the episode if for no other reason than its […]

Ducktales in Real Life (sorta NSFW)

For the record, I blame you, Joi Washington!!! If you value your childhood memories of this classic animated series, you won’t watch this video!