Articles from February 2009

Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain – "Blame It" Music Video

Dammit, Jamie! I guess I’m gonna have to revise my list of  “Celebrities You’ll Never See In A Hip-Hop/R&B Video”. Ron Howard was #2 on that list (The Pope is #1)! In any event, Foxx pulled out all the stops, wrangling an impressive list of well-known faces to appear in this video. The list includes Forest Whitaker, […]

True To The Game – Cover Art And Tracklist

1. Knock It Out Da’ Park – Yung Joc 2. Flyaway – Raiyn and Talib Kweli 3. Beam Me Up – Tay Dizm, T-Pain and Rick Ross 4. Still Hurts – Macy Gray and Marsha Ambrosius 5. The Big Screen – G.L.C. (Gangsta L. Crisis) and Kanye West 6. These Past Days – Sam Chris […]

Candy Girls: E!'s Newest Reality Show (That Probably Should Have Been On MTV Or VH1)

I probably wouldn’t mind most of the reality shows that are MTV if that had some, even a remote, relation to music or the music industry! We’ve long since given up on MTV actually devoting time and energy to showcasing MUSIC, but must they continue to bombard us with reality shows that have virtually NOTHING […]

Currently Listening To. . . K'Naan – Troubadour

Watch for the review, early next week.

Jamaica Banning Sex, Drugs, And Violence From The Radio. Now What They Gon' Play?!?

You better handle that bear mountain! Associated Press: Jamaican regulators say they are forbidding all explicit references to sex and violence over the airwaves. The new rules from the island’s broadcast commission ban any song or music video that depicts sexual acts or glorifies gun violence, murder, rape or arson. The Saturday announcement follows a […]

Regarding The Rihanna Police Photo Leaked By TMZ

I haven’t really wanted to talk about the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thing. I may joke with friends about females giving you a reason to slap ’em in certain extreme situations, but in all honesty, anything involving a man beating on a women doesn’t really fly with me. If you have to restrain a woman if she’s […]

My Love/Hate Kanye Post For The Day

I’m gonna get the “Hate” out of the way first, ’cause I fear I may forget about it if I start with the “Love”. In any event. . . .  . . . Where in blue perfect hell does Kanye gett off trollin’ around town with MY future ex-wife!?!?! Goin’ to fashion shows an’ shit!!! […]

Lady Gaga – "LoveGame" Music Video

[youtube=] I’ve yet to really formulate an opinion on Lady Gaga. The video for her new single “LoveGame” definitely tries hard to tickle the wang, though! But what’s with the pants near the end?! Everyone knows Lady Gaga don’t like pants!

Dammit, Bobby!

It’s nice to see Bobby’s old New Edition buddies haven’t left him completely out in the cold, as he’s recently been touring with Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill. But dammit, man! What was up with my boy during this particular performance! [youtube=]

Original Limp Bizkit Lineup Reunite For Summer Tour/New Album

(photo from I’ll admit it. I used to like Limp Bizkit. I won’t explain it, or apologize for it. I still enjoy a handful of songs off of Significant Other. Beyond that, I’ve felt that if nothing else, they’ve served an important purpose in popular music, focusing the hatred of countless people who love […]