Articles from March 2009

Fun With Captions! – 70s Swedish Dance Bands

How does my former supervisor expect me to be productive at work when he sends me such gloriously distracting fuckery?!? Now I can’t focus on anything else! “Someone remind me to shoot Grandma in the face for buying us these shirts.” “Is it too late to audition for Superman II?” “Your sons all have such […]

Friday Afternoon Videos: Supreme Beings of Leisure – Strangelove Addiction

I’m gonna have to start an online petition to get Geri Soriano-Lightwood, at the very least, considered for the theme to the next Bond movie (whenever that is), ’cause the fact that her voice has never graced a Bond theme is damn-near criminal!  In any event, it’s always nice to revisit videos for artists who don’t […]

My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Annie Wersching

I actually thought she was a bit older than she actually is, inspiring me to have the occasional “cougar fantasy” whenever I would watch 24, only to discover that she’s only three years older than me! (32) Still, Wersching’s been kicking so much ass (and looking good doing it)  as FBI agent Renee Walker, that some critics have dubbed […]

Beyonce Swagger Jackin' And Black Female Objectification?!

So Ciara dropped the video for her song  “Love, Sex and Magic” featuring Justin Timberlake last week, and I’ve been reading so many opinions on other blogs, and I figured I’d chime in. My initial reaction to the vid . . . . it does kind of tickle the wang. Ciara is known for her […]

Blackout! 2 Coming Next Month?!?! Really?!?!

In a previous incarnation of Because I Said So, I did a piece called “Where’s the Follow-Up?!?”, where I talked about the pairing of Redman and Method Man for the album Blackout!. For those who know me, they know it’s one of my favorite hip-hop albums, and that I’ve been baffled as to why they […]

Friday Afternoon Videos: Portishead – All Mine

I just love that the video is basically the cover to their sophomore album, brought to life. The whole thing is just so delightfully creepy, from the black and white “60s entertainment/variety show” motif, to Beth Gibbons sultry yet haunting voice coming from a little girl, it can kinda fuck with your head a bit. Then again, what […]

My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Jessica Lucas

One of my favorite parts of Cloverfield . . . . they let the black girl live!!! Ms. Lucas was the black girl in question, and she’s pretty much “the black girl” in everything I’ve seen her in. Not that I’m mad at her! You gotta get your money up and build your resume! In […]

Currently Listening To . . . Team Teamwork – The Ocarina of Ryhme

Hip-Hop verses + Legend of Zelda game music?!? Tracklisting: 1.    Clipse – Virginia (Lost Woods) 2.    Dr. Dre & Snoop Doog – Still D.R.E. (Getting Treasure) 3.    Jay-Z – No Hook (Meeting The Whole) 4.    Pimp C, Lil’ Keke & P.O.P. – Kickin’ Doorz Down (Hyrule Field) 5.    Common – I Use To Love H.E.R. […]

Asher Roth – Lark On My Go-Cart

Hadn’t made much of an effort to check out his stuff, but this is a pretty tight track. The beat is ridiculous, and Roth’s flow is slick as hell. Download – Lark On My Go-Cart Spotted over at Nahright

Sci-Fi Channel To Be Renamed. . .To Something "Far More Clever"

If the quotation marks weren’t enough, I’m being sarcastic. Because there’s absolutely nothing clever about Sci-Fi Channel’s impending name change. If anything, it’s more of that “cocaine logic” I keep trying to warn you guys about! But y’all don’t hear me, tho! You’re all content to let this fuckery continue! Gaze in horror at what […]