Articles from April 2009

The Rundown On May 19th's Major Hip-Hop Releases

So I was logged on Facebook the other day, and one of my friends brought up an interesting point; We’ve got three major hip-hop releases, all coming out on the same date. May 19th will see the release of Busta Rhyme’s eighth album B.O.M.B. (Back On My Bullsh**), Relapse from Eminem, and Method Man and […]

My Awkward Break-Up With Heroes

**BEWARE, SEASON THREE FINALE SPOILERS!!!** Hey, I’m glad you came, ’cause we really need to talk. So, I’ve been really thinking about this, and. . . .well, after your season three finale last night, well. . . . .I just don’t think things are gonna work out between us anymore. No, please don’t start crying, […]

Redman & Method Man – Dangerous MCs

I really need to stop spoiling myself before Blackout! 2 comes out! One thing’s for sure, this joint will probably be one of my faves. Download – Dangerous MCs

Friday Afternoon Videos: Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy

These guys are wearing 80s hearts on their sleeves proudly with this one. What I love is how simply the imagery is, but it’s still incredibly imaginative. The energy created is such a perfect fit for the song, the idea of what we see building up to a certain point, in sync with the music. […]

Eminem – 3 A.M.

A relentless late-night killing spree fueled by a veritble Chex Mix of pharmaceuticals? Must be an Eminem song. Honestly, even before “We Made You” came out, I wasn’t terribly excited for Relapse. I love the man, but in the four years since Encore, an album he pretty much sleepwalked through, I’ve kind of moved on. And the […]

Usher – Radar

Dear Usher, No.  .  . no.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  no. Sincerely, That Damn Canadian Download – Radar   Oh yeah, and uh .  .  .  .  .  no

My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Michelle Rodriguez

Whether men like to admit it or not, every now and then, “crazy” can equal “sexy as hell”! And few celebs do crazy quite  like Michelle Rodriguez. Known to go from “girlie-girl” to “psycho butch” in less than four seconds, Michelle’s most recent “act the fool” moment came during her friend and manager’s wedding weekend in the Dominican Republic. Antics […]

Friday Afternoon Videos: Silverchair – Freak

Man, rock videos in the 90s were weird as hell! And the weirdest shit would always involve a woman going through some sort of physical metamorphosis. I think there was even one where Claire Danes actually sprouted wings at the end! In any event, I never was much of a Silverchair fan, but I liked […]

Music Review: Tortured Soul – Did You Miss Me

As one of the few acts in house music to rely almost solely on live instrumentation, Tortured Soul has built quite the reputation in the five years since releasing their debut Introducing. . . . They’ve toured around the world several times over, and although I’ve already seen them once this year, I just might […]

My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Jasika Nicole

Yeah, yeah! I know what y’all are gonna say, “another one from a show on FOX?!?”. I can’t help it if the network produces a target-rich environment of ladies who may one day have to pay me spousal support!!! In any event, Jasika plays Agent Astrid Farnsworth (man, her parents must be some uppity black […]