Articles from May 2009

Irv Gotti Earns My "Facepalm" Of The Day

It’s one thing when people in hip-hop say stupid things. It’s another when the stupid thing is their admiration of others in hip-hop saying stupid things! And that, in itself, is remarkably stupifying. But if anyone was gonna do it, of course it would be Irv “yo career ain’t over, yet?!?” Gotti. When talking to MTV about […]

Friday ‘Evening’ Videos: Katy Perry – Waking Up In Vegas

I figured this would be fitting, as I’m going to be in Sin City for the next week. I’ve never been, but my friends and family who have assure my that I’ll have the time of my life. May toss a few chips here and there, but I know I’m no high roller. And as […]

My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Ida Ljungqvist

The first Playboy Playmate of the Year hailing from the motherland certainly is a looker. But she also knows the value of a backup plan, with degrees in fashion design and marketing, with plans to get a Master’s in communications. And she’s already getting experience with divorce proceedings, dumping her lame hubby after less than a […]

Tortured Soul w/Lisa Shaw Live At The Black Cat, Friday May 15th

I should probably skip it and focus on prepping for my Vegas trip, but I doubt I will. Buy your tix in advance here.

You Should Check Out . . . . Egadz

I usually hate getting random friend requests on Myspace from music acts, but every now and then, I discover some great new music I wouldn’t have come across otherwise. Case in point, San Francisco beatmaker Egadz. He’s been around for quite some time, but I’m not surprised that I’m only now hearing about him. Elements of hip-hop, techno, drum n’ bass, […]

Rock City: Put The F'N Album Out . . . Sneak Peak (Official Mixtape)

Tracklist 1. Say What I Feel Inside 2. Intro 3. Best I Ever Heard 4. Put The F’N Album Out 5. Good Guy 6. Move 7. Bring It Back 8. Jumping Off The Building 9. She Coppin That Thing 10. Money On My Mind 11. P.S.A 12. Tha Return 13. Burn Freestyle 14. Let Ya […]

Lady Gaga Performs "Poker Face" On The Ellen Degeneres Show

She may be fruitier than Hawaiian Punch, but Lady Gaga does have some serious pipes.

Download New Crystal Method Album At For $2.99 (Today Only)

Crystal Method – Divided By Light I haven’t really cared for Crystal Method much since Vegas, but dammit if I’m not tempted to take Amazon up on this offer. A whole album for three bucks? At that price, the entire album, with the exception of two songs, would have to suck for it to be considered […]

Bert & Ernie – I’m On A Boat

I don’t know. It’s not nearly as memorably as the mash-up with M.O.P.’s “Ante Up”. Probably ’cause “I’m On A Boat” is already a parody, anyway. (spotted at Gunaxin)

My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Zoe Saldana

It’s about to be on, cotdammit! With countless lucky bastards having already seen the new Star Trek movie and offering up geekgasm-soaked reviews, I have almost no doubt in my mind that it’ll be nothing short of awesome (as Michael Bay would say). It certainly can’t be as bad as X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But getting past […]