Articles from March 2010

Clash Of The Filmgoers

As someone who writes the occasional movie review, I figure I owe it to myself to take advantage of as many advance movie screenings as I can. And usually, I have a pretty decent experience. Most free screenings, at least here in DC, start around 7:30. Depending on what theater any given screening is at […]

The Clock Is Running Out For 24

“Don’t make me shoot you! (like I need that much of a reason.)” It had to happen sooner or later, I guess. After a lot of speculation, word finally came down that the current season of 24 would be its last. Ratings had been on the decline for some time, and given the show’s ginormous […]

Currently Listening To . . . Sneaker Pimps: Bloodsport

I completely forgot about all the trip-hop my cousin burned for me while I was in London last year. I never wanted to pay the import price for the latter Sneaker Pimps albums, and furthermore, I was quite partial to Becoming X, when Kelli Ali was in the group.

Currently Listening To . . . The Bird And The Bee – Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1: A Tribute To Hall & Oates

Feeding my weaknesses for airy alternative electro-pop AND Hall & Oates?! That’s it! Don’t nobody bother me the rest of the day!

Little Dragon w/ V.V. Brown Tonight @ Liv

Anyone here in DC who still hasn’t caught onto Little Dragon, y’all fools better recognize! So if you’re not doing anything tonight, and you got twenty bucks to spare, the show should be well worth the time and money. Click on the flyer to buy tickets.

Five Things I'm Looking Forward To On Justified

Outside of their profoundly annoying commercials declaring that they’ve “got the movies” (yeah, ’cause I REALLY wanna watch The Departed on FX! For the love of puppies. . .), FX has to be one of my favorite networks. This is what FOX used to be in their hey day, diving headlong into the deep end, […]

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

To be fair, poking fun at films that some would consider “Oscar Bait” is nothing new, but dammit if the guys from BriTANick don’t do a damn good job of it with this mock trailer.

Nine Things I've Learned From This Year's Oscars

Last night, Oscar history was made. . . . ’cause Fischer Stevens won an Oscar, dammit!!! I loved that man in Short Circuit and Hackers, so it’s great to see him finally get his due! What was that documentary about? Dolphins? DOLPHINS?!?! I don’t give a damn about dolphins!!! Dammit man, the Oscars suck!! But […]

Nip/Tuck: How Will It All End?

I’ve posted my thoughts on the end of Nip/Tuck over at Popcultureshock. I’ve hated this entire final season, and I have little faith in it all being turned around with the tonight’s finale. I’ll be amazed if they’ve even managed to pull off something halfway decent. And it’s just a regular hour-long?!? Not even a […]


Who am I kidding? I still need this place whenever I need to go truly banana, ape-shits, section 8, “Bitch, I’m outta donuts!!” crazy! So I’ma need all y’all to act accordingly!