Articles from April 2010

My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Shay Maria

Since Popcultureshock is currently experiencing technical difficulties, I decided to bring this feature back for a one-time, limited engagement, ’cause believe it or not, I just remembered how smokin’ this girl is! Normally, I have other reasons for liking a particular lady, beyond just her looks, but quite frankly, I don’t know much about Shay […]

Damn, Even Stinkmeaner Thinks You Be Slackin’ Off, Aaron McGruder!

I am lovin’ all these promo clips for the new (and final) season of The Boondocks! Nice to know Aaron McGruder is fully aware of all the flack he gets from fans as to the time it takes for new seasons to premiere. Two-year gaps between seasons, muthafucka?!? And I thought Lost fans had it […]

But They Already Remade Commando . . . It Was Called Taken!

Remake my movie? No Chance . . . . of it being good! Unlike most people, I don’t get consumed with rabid, baby-eating rage when I hear about a popular film (even the ones from five to ten minutes ago) being remade. If anything, it’s a good catalyst for bringing awareness of those original films […]

I Bet The Psychic Vampire Baby Birth Will be Accompanied By A Musical Number

COTDAMN! This baby’s kickin’ like a mule! I’m plagued by “what ifs”. “What if I had ordered the chicken instead of the pork at lunch today?” “What if I got glasses to see better when I drive?” “What if God was one of us”? You know, important stuff! But rarely did I ever wonder, “What […]

My Review Of The Losers, or "Zoe Saldana Has A Rocket Laucher . . . Your Argument Is Invalid!"

This summer is looking to be the battle of “elite special forces soldiers gone rogue” action flicks, and The Losers hopes to draw first blood. Based on the DC/Vertigo comic book, the film follows a covert ops team, thought dead and hiding out in Bolivia after a mission goes south. When team leader Clay (Jeffrey […]

50 Cent: Killing Val Kilmer's Career Soon At A Redbox Near You!

Spotted at The Smoking Section Sweet biscuits is there a lot of f*ckery going on with this poster. I could end with the fact that it’s a movie poster with 50 Cent on it. That means he’s “acting” again. (RUN!!!!) But beyond that, you’ve got the fact that Val Kilmer’s name is on the poster. […]

The Series We All Want To See Happen!

Because I’m equally bored and lazy at the moment, dine on this!

Midnight Tribute For Guru @ Liv Tonight

Tonight, Shine On Me Promotions will be hosting a free midnight DJ show at Liv Nightclub here in DC, in remembrance of Guru, who passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer at the age of 43. Come pay your respects to one of hip-hops finest. Liv Nightclub 2001 11th Street NW (corner of […]

DC Don Juan Birthday Party Tonight @ Ibiza

For my DC Folk: “It’s A Celebration, Bitches!!!” The party should be starting around 10pm tonight, and gentlemen, make sure you “ack’right” on your gear. No fitted caps, sneakers, or baggy jeans. Hope to see y’all out there. Rain be damned!

Quincy Jones and Akon Cover "Strawberry Letter 23"

[youtube=] Dear Quincy and Akon, No . . . no . . . . . . . . . no. No. Sincerely, That Damn Canadian