Articles from May 2010

CASRAM: Cakes & Kisses w/ Invincible @ Asylum On June 3rd

Just one of the many events going on as part of the Can A Sista Rock A Mic? Festival. For more information, check out the festival website, and join the Facebook Group.

The USB (Emcee Edition) This Sunday At Velvet Lounge

It’s a long weekend, what with Memorial Day, so y’all have no excuse for coming through this Sunday night. Come check out some good hip-hop, and if you’re early enough, you can get a USB drive packed with free music.

Not Sure How I Feel About This One

Hitman may not have been the greatest film, but dammit if it wasn’t without its charms. It certainly wasn’t about no pussified PG-13 rating, like a lot of recent action flicks, what with its abundance of splattery headshots, and a pretty sweet katana fight in a train car. Oh yeah, and Olga Kurylenko sure did […]

Oh, This Has Got To Stop!!!

It’s getting to the point where KidzBop is eventually gonna become irrelevant. As it stands, it’s only a matter of time before one of these pre-pubescent YouTube discoveries comes out with a song featuring Nikki Minaj. It’s time to raise the terror alert level, ’cause this kid is a threat to all the beautiful freedoms […]

Heroes: A Eulogy

Hello Everyone, I stand before you, a once faithful friend and companion to Heroes. I remember when we first met, and we hit it off immediately. We learned a lot from each other, and as time went on, I thought things could only get better . . .but then they really didn’t. He still hung […]

Currently Listening To . . . Zero 7 PixMix 1

Sam Hardaker of Zero 7 put together this nice little mix of jazz, soul, techno, world beat, and hip-hop, and it’s helping me kick off the weekend right! Check it out on YouTube, complete with a slide show of pics from the duo’s recent tour.

And Like Bond, Christopher Chance Will Return

Now, I’ve given FOX a lot of shit in the past. With the exception of Fringe, they’re arguably the worst network for genre programming. It’s not because they put out genre shows that are bad (okay, some of them have kinda sucked), it’s that they never give the good ones a fighting chance. If they […]

Usual Suspectz & Elevated Ent. Present: Net Work @ Sutra Lounge 5/11/10

Tomorrow night, a few fellow bloggers and myself will be hosting a meet-and-greet event at Sutra Lounge in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Downtown DC. Feel free to come down and grab some drinks and mix it up with bloggers and blog readers alike, as with shoot the shit and exchange thoughts and ideas. Click […]

Five Nitpicks That In No Way Affect My Enjoyment Of Iron Man 2

Warning: Some of these might be considered SPOILERS, so if you haven’t seen Iron Man 2 yet . . . what in crispy Panko-breaded hell is wrong with you?!?!? Seriously, go out and see that shit, you ninnies!!! The movie has made Scrooge McDuck paper in like three days!! So I went to see Iron […]

How To Waste A Perfectly Good Friday Night

I rarely go to promo events for movies. Not that I had ever had a bad experience with them until this past Friday night. They usually just happened to fall on nights where I’m already doing something . . . or the event didn’t interest me to begin with. But for whatever reason, I felt […]