Articles from July 2010

“Russia Still Hates America” (Or, My Review of Salt)

How bad can a movie that starts with Angelina Jolie in nothing but her bra and panties really be? Yes, the scene in question features her character, CIA operative Evelyn Salt, being beaten and interrogated by North Korean soldiers, but that’s neither here nor there. Clearly, the film aims to establish the character as a […]

Five Questions I Pray To God Get Answered Upon Watching Tron Legacy

So the new Tron Legacy trailer is out, and it’s time to do what bloggers, fans, and web journalists do best . . . nitpick the shit out of it!!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m more inclined to believe that my eyes will be molested by this film, and nothing would make me happier. But […]

On August 13th, Reclaim Your Cajones!!!

Too bad this is just a fan trailer, ’cause I’d love to see this played in a movie theater, just to see what the reaction of everyone would be. And I gotta agree, if we let Eat, Pray, Love beat The Expendables at the box office, we as men, will collectively have to turn in […]

Fast Five Cast Photo . . . The Expendables, They Ain’t!

For a film that was essentially just Point Break with street cars, the original Fast and the Furious has spawned quite the franchise. You actually have to applaud it on some level. It’s one of the few franchises out there that has yet to fall victim to the law of diminishing returns, and the fifth […]

RydazNRtist Can’t Get Enough Of Your “Cakes”

Just when I was starting to mellow out on my opinion of most of the pop/r&b I hear on the radio these days . . . .

Gilbere Forte’ Offers Up “Take One” x “Dawn”

I’m probably the last one to even catch on to this dude, but better late than never.

VAINSTYLE: THE BOOK Previews “The Sexy”

“The Sexy” photo spread, with shots by Forte + Zachary, will be featured exclusively in the upcoming Summer Issue of VAINSTYLE: THE BOOK. The issue will also include Jive/Sony recording artist Matisse, Stargate’s latest protégé Range, DJ Cassidy, Corrine Bailey Rae, Seven and over six fashion spreads forecasting the current season. For More Info, Check […]

Jenna Andrews Covers Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”

For the past two years or so, I’ve hated Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”. Not because it’s a bad song, but because they’ve been using it for those damn animal cruelty awareness PSA’s that play on the local TV affiliates!! You know how fucking depressing it is to hear that song, and see a bunch of mangled, […]

“Get Back To Da Choppa!!!” (Or, My Review Of Predators)

This is the story . . . of eight soldiers/rapists/murderers/mercenaries . . . picked to be hunted on an alien planet . . . to see what happens . . . when people stop being polite . . . and start getting real. . . The Real World: Predatorville!!! Moving past the altogether ill-advised Alien […]

Salt And The Russian Spy Scandal

Am I the only one who thinks this whole Russian spy scandal was all just an extremely elaborate marketing campaign for Angelina Jolie’s new action movie Salt? Seriously, the Russians are still trying to steal government secrets from America?!? STILL?! And it seems like the spies involved just got bored and bought their covers as […]