Articles from October 2010

The Black Eyed Peas Want To Tell You “The Time”

Back when I was a sanitation engineer at such fine retail establishments like the ludicrously over-priced Diesel, there was a time when I had to hear Black Eyed Peas’ Elephunk repeatedly! And while many complained about the group “selling out”, I found myself enjoying the album. But dammit if the group hasn’t changed drastically between […]

Ummm, Er-Uh . . . . Yeah, Uh . . . . .

I don’t really have much to say here. If anything, I say “What’s the Problem?!” It’s all in the spirit of comradery. In an genre of music where someone is always “beefin’” with someone else, shouldn’t we embrace every moment where artists come together as friends? I mean, really, this is pretty innocent. Soulja Boy […]