Articles from December 2010

So I Finally Saw Keri Hilson’s “The Way You Love Me” Video . . . .

. . . . and I think I’m gonna have to get tested for any and all sex boogies I may have contracted from simply watching this! I mean, JESUS!!! I know I’m late on this one, and I had full warning of what to expect, but it’s still a bit . . . “much”. […]

Sons Of Anarchy Offers Up My Most Satisfying TV Moment Of The Fall Thus Far **SPOILERS**

From day one, Sons of Anarchy has always spoken to me on a certain level; like what House is to Sherlock Holmes, Sons of Anarchy is to Hamlet. It’s Shakespeare with bikers and guns!!! And thinking back to the god-awful stage production the community college I went to put on that tried to be like […]