Articles from January 2012

1987 . . . And Shane Black

Chatting with some friends last night made me want to revisit one of my old MySpace blogs, as one of them admitted to me that she had never seen Monster Squad?!?! And all this time, we thought her geek cred was legit! In any event, there was a time about four years ago when I […]

84th Annual Oscar Predictions, Irrational Rants, Etc.

So the nominations are out for the 84th Annual Academy awards, and a lot of folks are bitching, like they do EVERY year. Someone’s always getting snubbed, someone’s always getting an undeserved nomination, and at the end of the day, your lives are made no better or worse by it all!!!

Die Antwoord Want Your Nightmares To Have Nightmares

Not much to say here, other than. . . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, Die Antwoord are still making music and some of the most disturbing videos you will ever see. This is what happens in a free South Africa, people!!! Die Antwoord’s new album TEN$ION, comes out on February 7th.

At Least It’s Not Twilight (Or “My Spoiler-Heavy Review Of Underworld: Awekening”)

Again, I say: ***************************MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!************************** Returning to the franchise after 2009’s surprisingly effective prequel, Rise of the Lyans, Kate Beckinsale once again plays vampire death dealer (why no one ever asked her what the street value for death is, I’ll never know!) Selene, who gets capture by Antigen Industries, during the Great Purge, where humans, […]

Shizzie – “I Said No” Music Video

Things up-and-coming rappers need to stop doing in 2012: 1) That “dumbbell curl” dance, meant to showcase one’s flashy watch(es). 2) Renting a sports car from Eastern Motors and parkin’ it in da hood! At least park it out in front of a club that’s been closed down ’cause of a shooting the weekend before! […]

Have I Missed My Window To Talk Smack About Lana Del Rey?!

Yes? Well screw you, ’cause this is my blog! In any event, I had been hearing about this young lady for the last few months, and I found myself happily not giving a rat’s ass. I gazed upon the Instagram’ed image of this smarmy, fish-lipped, doe-eyed blond, with a crown of roses adorning her melon, […]