Articles from April 2012

Thick’Um Thursday #3

I’ve actually been following this one for quite some time, since my boy Khary Randolph featured her on his Tumblr a few times. Following her own Tumblr, you discover that not only is she not shy about her body, but she’s also very open about her life and her relationship, and its many ups and […]

Dammit, Mad Men!!!! You Did It Again!!!!

Yeah, I know I’m mad late talking about the most recent Mad Men, but I figured if I waited I could go total renegade on spoilers and not hear a whole lotta bloodclot cryin’ about spoiling the episode for some folks. In any event, I loved the episode if for no other reason than its […]

Currently Listening To . . . . Halestorm – The Strange Case Of . . .

If you like your rock music loud and dirty, this is the album for you! And despite the anatomical impossibility, I wanna have have frontwoman Lzzy Hale’s baby!

Ducktales in Real Life (sorta NSFW)

For the record, I blame you, Joi Washington!!! If you value your childhood memories of this classic animated series, you won’t watch this video!

Eating Your Heart Out

Now, I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve never been the thinnest branch on the tree, and I’ve been guilty of a few culinary indulgences that would probably offend the delicate sensibilities of more than a few vegetarians (look up “the McGangbang” when you get a free moment!), but I can’t look at the above […]

Thick’Um Thursday #2

With another week, comes more thickness!! This week, we’ve got ourselves model, actress, and singer/songwriter (apparently she was a contestant on American Idol a few years back), Joanne Borgella. You’re welcome, America!

The Highpoint Of Mad Men Season Five Thus Far

Now that I’ve finally caught up on the entirety of Mad Men, I’m right there with everyone else, enjoying Season Five. Everything from Fat Betty Draper Francis, to Don’s hallucinatory post-coital rage, it’s all been a riot.

Thick’um Thursdays

I figured it was time for a new feature on this blog, so I thought it’d be nice to have something, somewhat in the vein of Future Ex-Wives, but a little “broader”, a little more substantial, a little meatier! Lara Christina That’s all sorts of good-good from across the pond for your ass!