Articles from June 2012

Thick’Um Thursday #8

Esther Baxter I may be Canadian, but looking at this picture, all I’m thinkin’ is: Yeah, I guess Fourth of July came early this year. 😉

Thick’Um Thursday #7

Why yes, Yaris Sanchez, you are quite thick! Once again, America, you’re welcome!

And Just Outside Peggy’s Window, Dogs Were Doing It In The Parking Lot

Sorry for not having a Mad Men recap last week, especially considering the major events that took place in the episode preceding the season finale;

Thick’Um Thursday #6

I know, I know!! “Where were the thick broads the last two weeks, ken?!?!” I just got lazy. No way around it. But we back this week with some lovely thickness!!! Sabrina Hunter Them thighs, COTDAMMIT!!!