Don and Joan Play Hookie . . . Buy Sports Cars . . . Get Drinks . . . .

Is there nothing more frustratingly satisfying than the relationship between Don Draper and Joan Holloway? These are two people you’d think would have been gotten biblical by now, but no. They just have too much respect for one another to cross that line, and I hope it stays that way.

Not really much went on in this episode; Pete Campbell made yet another announcement that no one in the office gave a rat’s ass about. Lane Price is embezzling money from the agency; and good ol’ Paul Kinsey came back . . . as a Hare Krishna. Although that storyline offered up this delightful scene, his “soul mate” offering herself to Harry Crane to get him to convince Paul to stay in the faith:

But this episode belongs to Don, and especially Joan, as she gets served divorce papers by her rapist deadbeat of a husband. And she was less than pleased with the receptionist who let the process server into the office:

Granted, the poor girl certainly didn’t deserve to have a model airplane thrown at her, but I can understand Joan’s frustration. Her husband was an ego-maniacal brute, who volunteered to go back to Vietnam, rather than take care of his family at home (yeah, that’s Roger’s baby, but that fool don’t know that!). It’s an even bigger dick move if he’s still overseas fightin’ Charlie! The dude couldn’t even wait ’til he was back home to hand the papers to her himself? That ain’t no man!!!!

But Don, sensing all of this, swoops in lie the white knight he honestly isn’t, and takes Joan out of the office to take her mind of things. They go to a Jaguar dealership pretending to be a couple, and Don buys a $6,000 sports car just for the fuck of it! Who does that?!?! DON MOTHER-FUCKIN’ DRAPER!!!!! That’s who!!! Their day off ends with happy hour, and just when you think now would be a perfect time for “business time”, Don leaves the bar, convincing Joan she should give one of the poor schlubs in the joint a chance!

**Drops mic, exits stage left**

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  1. Randall M. says:

    I hate Don because I want to be like him.

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