Thick’Um Thursday #7

Why yes, Yaris Sanchez, you are quite thick!

Once again, America, you’re welcome!

And Just Outside Peggy’s Window, Dogs Were Doing It In The Parking Lot

Sorry for not having a Mad Men recap last week, especially considering the major events that took place in the episode preceding the season finale; Continue Reading »And Just Outside Peggy’s Window, Dogs Were Doing It In The Parking Lot

Thick’Um Thursday #6

I know, I know!! “Where were the thick broads the last two weeks, ken?!?!” I just got lazy. No way around it. But we back this week with some lovely thickness!!!

Sabrina Hunter

Them thighs, COTDAMMIT!!! Continue Reading »Thick’Um Thursday #6

She Works Hard For The Money

This week’s Mad Men damn near killed me. It’s the kind of episode that makes you wanna stand up and applaud the writers, and curse their names at the same time. Definitely one of the strongest episodes of the season, if not the whole damn series. It’s a turning point for two major characters, and it’ll be interesting to see where their paths will lead them. Continue Reading »She Works Hard For The Money

Don and Joan Play Hookie . . . Buy Sports Cars . . . Get Drinks . . . .

Is there nothing more frustratingly satisfying than the relationship between Don Draper and Joan Holloway? These are two people you’d think would have been gotten biblical by now, but no. They just have too much respect for one another to cross that line, and I hope it stays that way. Continue Reading »Don and Joan Play Hookie . . . Buy Sports Cars . . . Get Drinks . . . .

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Looks Fun And Bloody!!!

With G.I. Joe Retaliation unceremoniously moved from it’s original release date of June 29th (Seriously, Paramount?!?!), that’ll be less competition for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, which comes out a week prior, to content with! Based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, the film paints a bloody past for the man who would be president, as a silver-laced axe-wielding slayer of the undead.

Thick’Um Thursday #5

Being a geek, I love me some good cosplay, but for every girl like this week’s entry, there are at least ten or so folks who ruin it for everyone! But back to this young lady, she is most certainly top of the pops, if I may say so!

Belle Chere

Not only does she do a masterfully job filling out her costumes, the costumes themselves are exceptionally well-made! Click HERE and see for yourself!!!

The Return of Fat Betty!!!!

I know, I’m one to talk, right? But I figure, we’re talking about a fictional character, so making light of said character’s “battle of the bulge” should be fine, right?! I have to say, seeing Betty again was great for all the wrong reasons! Let me count the ways: Continue Reading »The Return of Fat Betty!!!!

Eating Your Heart Out #3: Maximum Mac & Cheese

If I’ve missed anything in my quest to lose weight, it’s a some good mac & cheese. Especially since one of my regular dine n’ drink spots in DC closed (although they’re planning to reopen in the summer), and the mac & cheese there was pretty damn awesome. Continue Reading »Eating Your Heart Out #3: Maximum Mac & Cheese

Thick’Um Thursday #4

Jordin Sparks

Yeah, you been on your weight loss kick for a minute now, but you still that good-good thick’ums to me, lady!!! Break out da milk n’ cookies!!!!